AT&T To Sell Special Wi-Fi Routers to iPhone Users?

wirelessgw.gifRussel Shaw at ZDNet got ahold of an AT&T employees’ objection script. These scripts are used by salesmonkeys to overcome the objections of unconvinced customers. They’re handy and pointed, and often do the trick. But beyond telling how the employees are going to be forcing people to take iPhones, the guide hints to a mysterious new product that AT&T might be selling alongside the iPhone called the “AT&T Wireless Gateway”.

It’s a Wi-Fi router. OK, it’s an 802.11n Wi-Fi router with DSL and service via AT&T. With the Gateway, you’ll be able to send and receive calls via your iPhone’s Wi-Fi at home. Kind of a cool idea, much like T-Mobile’s UMA initiative. What’s unknown is if it’s a special AT&Tified router, or if you can upgrade a standard router or network. Chances are AT&T is using it as a way to bundle even more services into what it’ll call an “environment” or “platform” or “personal money-sucking network”.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Again may I say, I’m so ready for this week to be over.

Here are THE 13 AT&T Store iPhone Objection-Response scripts [Shaw at ZDNet]