Vodafone, Apple Might Do Weird European Cheek Smooch Thing

logotipo_vodafone.jpgZDNET Asia is running an article on the possibility that Vodafone might maybe be the potential carrier to perhaps provide iPhone service in Europe. Maybe.

According to the article “Credit Suisse believes Vodafone would represent a good bet for Apple as it’s able to offer a presence in most European markets.”

What’s interesting about this possible partnership is that Vodafone runs a true 3G network, while Apple has designed the iPhone to run on a 2G network here in the States. The iPhone would likely have to be upgraded to support the faster data network. From a consumer standpoint, that’s a good problem to have, but many would say Apple should have made the thing 3G compatible in the first place.

Apple has not yet announced a European launch date for the iPhone, so this is all wild, unadulterated speculation until it maybe, potentially happens.

Vodafone to be iPhone operator in Europe? [ZDNET Asia]