Topix CEO Steps Down; VP Chris Tolles Takes Spot

This is a quick post because I’m getting on a plane to Europe, but fast-growing news site Topix has a new CEO. Rich Skrenta has stepped down, and VP Marketing Chris Tolles has taken his position. See Tolles’ blog post on this here, and everyone’s bios here.

The official explanation is below. The real explanation will come out soon, I’m sure:

Even though we were seeing eye-to-eye on what needed to be done, after the press tour and some initial conversation about where we needed to go, Rich told me that he wasn’t having as much fun right now, and looking at what we needed to do, didn’t see much opportunity for what he really loves to do — architect from the metal on up and put out the 1.0 that is so far ahead of everything else.

See our coverage of the company here. They’ve raised around $20 million in funding.