Hydra Game Console DevKit

Any video gamer loves playing games, right? Now imagine if you could make your own fantastic, lush 3-D environments to roam around in, shooting bad guys and driving dirt bikes into enemy bases. Well you can’t, because you’re not John Romeo and haven’t spent years designing games. Thankfully, there’s the Hydra Game Console Development Kit. Though it may resemble Excitebike more than Quake 4, you’ll still be able to program your own games and store them on a cartridge, just like Nintendo!

The kit consists of a bunch of hardware you’ll need, mouse, keyboard, controllers, etc. Also included is a guide on software programming for the Hydra and some sample code. Could be complete torture or an incredible learning experience depending on how you look at it. You can score one now from ThinkGeek for only $199.99 and a few weeks of solitude.

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