PSP Has Untapped Power, That's Why It Stinks: WipEout Dev


It’s no secret that Sony’s PSP isn’t quite the hit the company had wanted it to be. Now, you can blame the unqualified success of Nintendo DS as why the PSP hasn’t taken off, or, like the director for WipEout Pulse, you can blame lazy developers. Pulse recently called upon PSP developers to do more with the system—it can play MP3s right out of the box, so why games allow you to use them as part of their soundtrack? (That’s what made Project Gotham Racing infinitely more enjoyable.)

Or it could be that the PSP is too beautiful for this world.

Pulse offered another reason why the PSP walks with a limp: it’s too good to be a portable system. The system offers so much—video playback, Wi-Fi Internet browsing, UMD, etc.—that people don’t necessarily view it as a “portable” system. The DS and its GBA predecessor? No one would confuse either of those for a home console. In other word, the market is confused. Silly market.

To sum up, it’s the games [stupid] and how you tap the power of the PSP. Do so in a manner that the DS could never replicate, and the PSP will find its second wind.

WipEout Pulse interview [ via Next Gen]