Keep Your Fridge Stocked with Ikan

ikanlogo.pngIf you’ve even been on a late night Mountain Dew binge only to wake up and forget how many of the “Extreme” beverages you need to restock for your next LAN party, Ikan might have the fix for you.

Ikan is a special bar code scanner you can use to keep your grocery shopping list up to date. As you use items, simply scan them before you trash them to keep a running tally of what you’ve used. It also has a voice recorder you can use to add non-coded items like apples and oranges.

Your list is saved to the internet, where you can review and print out your list or ship it off to an online grocery store to complete your order. Because the list is on the net, you can even review it on the go from a mobile browser.

See more at CrunchGear or their profile.

There are a lot of other startups that are doing intelligent things with bar code scanning, such as MyTago or Delicious Monster. MyTago and services like it use special bar codes for mobile phones called QR codes.