Good Mobile Messaging 5: Business Users' Best Friend (As Far As E-mail Goes)


Motorola purchased the Good Technology Group last January and now has Good Mobile Messaging 5 to show for it. It’s a software package for smartphones that attempts to mobilize Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. Professionals, so I’m told, actually use e-mail for work and not just sending funny links to your entire address book, so having it all nice and organized is key. Time is money; greed is good, etc. Business stuff. This particular version adds a few whiz-bang (for business users, that is) like an RSS reader and completely personalized alert sounds. Say you get an e-mail from Some Guy whom you associate with Some Sound—once he e-mails you, that sound is activated. Business users are craaazy.

Perhaps more important that any number of cartoon sound effects is the security-related enhancements. Good 5—that’s what your hip, Park Slope-living middle management supervisor will call this—has the capability to lock down the device’s services like Wi-Fi and the camera (take note, Apple) in addition to locking down apps. Look for Good 5 this September.

Press Release [Motorola]