New Version Of Plaxo Launched: More Sync More Often

Plaxo has announced Plaxo 3.0, a new version that builds on its multi-point sync product by offering improved sync options as well as a feed-style people tracker.

Automated “multi-way sync” under Plaxo 3.0 includes Google Calender, Microsoft (Outlook, Outlook Express, Vista Mail, and Hotmail), Yahoo (Mail and Calendar), Mac OSX (for Address Book, iCal, and iPhone), AOL (AIM and Classic AOL), Mozilla Thunderbird and LinkedIn. The new multi-component “smart address book” web app includes tabs for contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and more. A revamped address book component includes click-to-call phone numbers via Jajah and maps from Yahoo.

Technology acquired from Plaxo’s acquisition of HipCal has delivered new calendar features including an “upcoming” view that includes weather, countdowns to major events, and embedded photos from Flickr.

Plaxo new “Pulse” feature aggregates content from friends.

Plaxo is said to have 15 million registered users. Previous TechCrunch coverage here.
(via Download Squad)