Linux Parking Sign For Fat Geeks

Are you a dork? A geek, loser, outcast? Then we have just the sign for you! Instead of putting up, say, a Tom Brady poster on the door of your room, you can now put up a Linux parking sign. Yes, that girl you bring home from the local Sonic will gasp in delight as she sees you too are addicted to Tux and his beloved OS.

After getting to second base for ten seconds, you can create even more magic by shouting release versions at each other. It’ll go something like this:

You: “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You’re my Feisty Fawn, baby!”
Her: “Shut up and kiss me, Breezy Badger.”

No, seriously. Put this $20 Linux parking sign on your door and you’ll never see a chick ever again. Cool sign though.

Linux Parking Sign [Popgadget]