Creative Zen Stone Plus: 2GB iPod Shuffle Wannabe


Good for Creative, coming out an update to its Zen Stone DAP not even two months after its initial announcement. The update, which adds a small OLED screen and doubles the storage capacity to 2GB, has been christened the Zen Stone Plus. Other goodies include a built-in FM tuner and voice recorder. Fun for everyone! Too bad it’s not listed as coming out over here.

I’m sure Creative wants to do battle with the iPod shuffle with this, what with it being sooo small and available in sooo many cool colors, but the clip that makes the shuffle so appealing is nowhere to be found. What am I supposed to put the ZS+ in my pocket while I listen to C + C Music Factory? No thank you. Unless I can clip my DAP—out of the box, mind you—onto my leather vest as I saunter about Chelsea I’m not interested.

Product Page [Creative via]