SEVEN Pushes E-mail for Telefónica

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seven.jpgPush it, push it real good. That’s the word from SEVEN, a developer of push e-mail software. Today SEVEN announced the availability of push e-mail software for a variety of mobile phones and smartphones including the Nokia N95 to the Mail Movistar Empresas and Mail Movistar Profesional services, which are provided through the mobile unit of Telefónica in Spain. This will provide subscribers with an easy access in real time to their corporate and personal-mail accounts through their mobile phones.

“Telefónica’s diverse mobile phone and smartphone offerings allow its subscribers with the luxury of mobility,” said Ross Bott, CEO of SEVEN. “Combining these stylish mobile phones with SEVEN’s mobile email service available through Movistar allows customers to stay connected anywhere, anytime. As the largest push email software provider in the world, we thrive on furthering the connectivity of our subscribers and increasing their mobile email access.”


  • Angsuman Chakraborty

    The 70000% number looks ridiculously high. Were they even stress testing before? You should really double check the data and also ask for the initial data.

    • Amit Bhawani

      According to the article – 5000 to 3.5 million testers

      • mike

        That sounds more like Beta testing that stress testing.

        The way the text reads is that they’ve been slamming it with 70,000% more requests under heavy load conditions, which to me is what stress testing actually is.

  • Tyler Wright

    Who can wait for a new operating system?

    My Recyle Bin has disappeared and I’ve tried everything they suggest to get it back.

    I can’t use my new HP printer – tried everything.

    My 08 Dell is being replaced with a Mac.

    • khanh


      Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization

      Click on Change desktop icons

      Select on Recycling Bin.

      As for the HP printer, try installing the driver for it.

  • Alexander Horre

    It took Microsoft this long to realize universities functioned like an enterprise? They run ERPs, and are by definition an organization. Hah. Hah. Hah.

  • Andy


    Can you delete these friggin spam messages?

    • Jeff Widman


  • Joe

    Can you do some spell checking as well before you publish?

    empahasis = emphasis
    multi-tenet = multi-tenant

    Thanks much

    • Mike

      You’re right about emphasis, but the author is correct in their usage of “multi-tenet” versus your failed correction. Get a dictionary. They are two totally different words/meanings.

      • Jeff Widman

        Typo fixed–sorry.

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  • Rod Recker

    > (Which means the inevitable frustrations will be all the more aggravating!)

    How can you say this?

    • Jeff Widman

      Every product I’ve ever used had some frustrating UI issues. Knowing all the beta testing, when I encounter these bugs, I’ll be even more frustrated they weren’t fixed…

  • Louis-Eric

    Are they fixing the idiotic inbox size limitations ? I really don’t want to think about managing “archives”: that’s friction.

    • Rod

      Amen to that – what a pain to keep worrying about my 150MB inbox.

      • Yo

        That is your administrator forcing you to have such a limit.

      • Louis-Eric

        Yo: there is more to it than that; there is a limit to the size of PST files past which data corruption occurs. Microsoft: Just use a real query-able database already.

      • James

        The Unicode PSTfiles from Outlook 2003 and later have a limit of 20GB.
        As mentioned, your administrator is limiting your mailbox size, not Exchange.
        Microsoft DOES use a real database already. It’s called Exchange.

      • Louis-Eric

        A real database can store terabytes, not as much data as can fit on a cheap camera memory card. I already have more than 20 gigs of data to migrate from Eudora, so that limit’s already busted anyway. With 1TB drives at $130, why do we still have these limits ? What, is it “nobody’ll ever need more than 640 kilobytes” again ?

  • Pascal Roy

    I’ve been saying the SaaS is the way to go, and can’t wait to see the results for an application like Exchange. Although exchange is already being offered this way, the new version will be built for that specific purpose.

  • Geoff

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the article: easy to read, interesting, didn’t make me nod off once. Much better than Steve’s posts – glad to have you writing for TechCrunchIT; I was afraid it would die without some better writing.


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  • Shawn

    Their new name is Micro not so

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    what actually is the number of sites ?

    thats the interesting question… big deal if you have 3.5 million mailbox’s each student has one but they only have a 10mb limit and exchange very few emails because the forward all of it to another service…

    how many sites with different configurations ?
    how many messages passed in a day ?

    thats the interesting thing


    John Jones

    my blog on email –

    • Steve G


      The Exchange Labs mentioned have 10GB quotas.

      From my experience, most students get between 5-20 messages per day (not including Facebook notificiations etc)


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