Engadget Editor In Chief Ryan Block Joins TechCrunch20 Panel Of Experts

More good news about the upcoming TechCrunch20 Conference in September: Ryan Block, the Editor in Chief of Engadget, has joined our advisory board and will help us review the many gadget startups that have applied to launch at the event. See Ryan’s post about joining the panel on Engadget, here.

The current list of experts is here. We will continue to announce new experts in the coming weeks.

The panel will participate in reviewing startup applications and will attend the conference to discuss, on stage, the various demos.

About Ryan Block

Ryan Block is editor-in-chief of Engadget a web magazine covering consumer electronics and technology. In addition to appearing to speak at Engadget events and co-hosting a weekly podcast, he is also a contributor and a founding editor of Joystiq, and a technology critic and commentator who has been quoted in Business Week, the New York Times, the Wall St. Journal. Ryan also maintains an active personal blog.