Voice Chat Ruins Online Video Games


Does voice chat destroy the illusion of being a wizard master or whatever-the-hell and take all the fun out of online video games like World of Warcraft? This guy thinks it does and in a piece only slightly reminiscent of a Penthouse letter, he explains how listening to and playing with an 11-years-old boy online killed the role playing mood of yet another Saturday night. Whereas with text-only communication, online gamers can pretend to be valiant knights, once their “I’m a huge nerd” voice enters the equation, all bets are off. The fa├žade of being “important” vanishes just as quickly as the Ventrilo server was launched.

Oh, and girls get harassed.

With voice chat, girls are exposed for being the Sirens that they are and are automatically treated differently. “Hey, um, Stardust_226, do you need any gold? ‘Cause I have some if you need any…” Pretending to be a hot chick in order to be pampered is no longer an option.

By far, the worst result of bringing voice chat to online games is the little kid cursing a blue streak. Yes, I did just use the phrase “blue streak” and am, in fact, an old man.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time playing Halo 2 or Gears of War on Xbox Live knows that li’l Johnny, hardly 12-years-old, uses language in the most creative of ways. Never have I heard the word “mom” and “pogo stick” in the same sentence before, but there you have it.

In short, online video games and voice chat do not mix well together.

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