Verizon Reaffirms Commitment to High-Def On-Demand, Refuses to Give Launch Date


Don’t expect it any time soon, but Verizon reiterated yesterday that it plans to offer high-definition video on-demand via its FiOS network. Saying that the network “could support it now,” a Verizon suit said the company already has an internal timeline for the service’s launch, but that nothing will be revealed publicly yet. No, this news isn’t exactly shiny, but it’s nice to hear Verizon admit that it hasn’t killed the project.

Hmmm… high-defitnion on-demand? How would that look?

I’m not really “into” on-demand programming because the selection usually both sucks and blows. It’s true. High-definition programming is limited enough as it is (though I do enjoy “Sunrise Earth” every now and then), so I can only imagine how that’d look on-demand. I’d rather Verizon just wire my neighborhood already for FiOS so I can truly get programming on-demand. Keep “Watch the Grass Grow: HD Edition” to yourself, OK?

Verizon executive says HD video on demand in works [Reuters]