Rock Band Fender Strat Unveiled

As a guitarist, Guitar Hero is both very fun and very annoying. It’s hard unlearning guitar to play a video game, despite how fun the GH series is. The next installment, Rock Band will feature a stunning, licensed Fender Stratocaster guitar controller. All I’ve got to say is that they really nailed it down this time around. The Gibson SG controller was mediocre, but this is a work of art!

Like other Guitar Hero controllers, it has colored buttons on the neck and features a pickup selector and three volume knobs like a true Strat does. I bet the feel is even like that of a Strat – smooth and fluid. I can’t wait to start ripping up licks on this thing and I’m sure you’re just as excited. For now though, you’ll either have to buy a real one or wait until it’s released. I bet lots o’ money could be made by releasing accessories like different-colored pickguards for these guitar controllers. You heard it here first!

Rock Band’s Fender Strat [Kotaku]