Robot Chicken: Star Wars

There are only a handful of things that I clearly remember from my childhood. Star Wars, Transformers and Thunder Cats are three clear-cut favorites, so whenever something new or exciting happens in regards to them I take notice. I have not seen one Transformers trailer except for the very first one that revealed absolutely nothing. Sitting through the MTV Movie Awards was a pain in the ass and if you watched it then you know what I mean. Nothing has happened with Thunder Cats, which is a real shame because it was a rad cartoon and the toys were the bomb. But I can always count on Star Wars to emerge every few months and stake its claim in pop culture.

If you missed the fantastic Robot Chicken spoof on Sunday then you’re probably not the only one. I haven’t had any time to plop down in front of the TV to hit up the DVR, but YouTube sure makes things easy, doesn’t it? Here it is in three parts for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy and let me know how it is.

Part 2

Part 3