QUALCOMM Unveils New 3G Handsets with 65-namometer Chipsets

qualcomm-logo1.gifThree new handsets using the newest 65-nanometer (nm) chipsets are now commercially available, and more than 40 additional models using this new technology will be released from QUALCOMM this year. The company has announced this significant milestone in semiconductor process this week, and these new models offer greater power efficiency, slimmer form factors and greater support for high-speed data capabilities.

“QUALCOMM is committed to continually raising the bar for wireless users, delivering richer functionality that is more affordable and offers a better experience,” said Steve Mollenkopf, senior vice president of product management for QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies. “We are pleased to reach this milestone in cutting-edge process technology, together with our customers, and we look forward to enabling additional slim, smart and power-efficient 3G devices for the worldwide market.”

The newly released 65nm handset models include:

  • WCDMA (UMTS) U120 handset by Huawei
  • WCDMA (UMTS) KU250 handset by LG Electronics
  • HSDPA U700 handset by Samsung