Online Classifieds Arrive on the Third Screen

Scanning the classifieds in the paper is so last millennium, and even scanning online is last year’s news. Soon you’ll be able to search for used tennis rackets, sub-lets and other hard-to-find items via your mobile phone. Gumiyo and edgio announced a new partnership to bring online classifieds to the mobile space, and this will commence with edgeio’s real estate section, which Gumiyo will deliver via listings to interested people. Potential buyers will soon be able to review listings on their mobile phones, complete with photos.

“Our partnership with edgeio is very complementary and it makes perfect sense,” says Shuki Lehavi, CEO and co-founder of Gumiyo. “edgeio is committed to innovation in the world of online classifieds, and has enabled a rich set of open APIs that we can use. This is a big reason why we’ve been syndicating Gumiyo listings to them since day one. Now, edgeio sellers can enter the mobile space with little to no effort.”

Future possibilities for the partnership could see Gumiyo building applications utilizing MMS, SMS, WAP and widgets to enhance the search interface. Search on!