$10 DSL from AT&T: It's a Little Bit Country

f_n3_d.gifThe Consumerist and Cory Doctorow both wrote a bit on AT&T’s secret $10 DSL (“Downstream speeds up to 768Kbps/Upstream speeds up to 128Kbps”) which offers bare bones access because of an FCC loophole they couldn’t close when the bought BellSouth. You have to sign up for a full year, though.

That’s all well and good, but Cory suggests avoiding the service — and AT&T DSL — because of their stance on net neutrality, illegal wiretapping, and draconian copyright policing. He says:

Seriously: the only day I wouldn’t piss on AT&T is if they were on fire.


AT&T’s Secret $10 DSL [Consumerist via BoingBoing]