Hell Freezes Over: Destiny's Child Mobile Game Released

I love your pits, Beyonce

You know what’s fantastic? The Final Fantasy series from Square-Enix. I really love those games. I like Kingdom Hearts and Saga Frontier 2 too. But as of today, I’m no longer buying anything that godforsaken company releases. Know why? They made a goddamned game called Destiny’s Child Groove and it’s hitting your mobile phone right now.

The masterminds behind classics like Final Fantasy VII are now doing mobile games for AT&T apparently. Destiny’s Child Groove allows cellphone users of all ages to dance and move their asses to R&B grooves from Beyonce & Co. Hits like “Survivor” and “Say My Name” are included and you’ve gotta show off your hot thumb skills if you want to be the ultimate dance champion.

A noose? A kingdom for a noose. Someone? Anyone? A noose please?

Square-Enix announces Destiny’s Child game for mobile phones … wait, what? [Destructoid]