Best Buy Offering Free PS3 Deal

Got a promotion that landed you with “the big account” and you’re itchin’ to spend your bonus? Might be worth checking out Best Buy for once, because they actually have a deal worth your time. If you purchase a 40-inch 1080p Sony LCD HDTV, plus a PS3 game, plus a Blu-ray movie, and a PS3, you end up getting the whole shebang for $2086.96 before taxes. The deal ends up giving you $600 in savings, thus equalling the cost of a PS3 and essentially bestowing your living room with a free game console and Blu-ray player.

Not too shabby, but make sure to purchase the deal in Delaware or at least in a state where taxes won’t kill you. Buying this in NYC would set you back an additional $175 alone, which brings the deal up to over $2200. Buyer beware, as Best Buy usually will pull a bait and switch.

HDTV Pack Includes Free PS3 [Kotaku]