Baresite Makes Every Site Mobile

baresite.jpgThere’s a debate raging over how traditional Web sites should be viewed on mobile devices. We’ve been hearing that many users aren’t happy with the options provided by Novarra, which we posted about earlier this week. This is an issue we’re going to monitor very closely.

So today we heard from, and despite the name it isn’t a mobile porn site. Actually, BareSite was developed to make mobile browsing easy. The company has developed a Web based browser that “strips” Web sites of what they call all “unneeded content,” and create an extremely light mobile version that can be displayed on mobile devices, and on average according to the company sites are crunched over 90 percent.

This is a Web based, rather than browser based solution, and no downloads are required. Users retain full control over appearance and browsing settings, and users can enter URLs, feeds or even choose from a directory that holds 100 of the most popular Web sites. Registration is not needed and no ads are displayed.