Cool New Stuff At Dynamism

One of our favorite online tech stores just got a shipment of awesome crap for everyone to get their greasy mitts on. This includes the famous HTC Touch, a new UMPC on the cheap, an ultra-portable Toshiba, and some birds that chirp when you pet them.


Hit the jump for a few pics and links to the products.

“The 1.88 pound Toshiba RX1 is the world’s lightest notebook with an integrated optical drive. It features an LED-backlit 12.1” widescreen, 64GB solid-state drive, super multi-DVD, and Intel Core 2 Duo processor.”

Toshiba RX1

“The 1.1-lb Everun features long battery life, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen, solid-state storage, wifi, and Bluetooth for under $900.”

Everun UMPC

“The HTC Touch is a fully powered smartphone utilizing HTC’s new touchscreen technology, allowing you to perform functions and intuitively navigate through menus by swiping your finger across the screen.”

HTC Touch

“These birds sit on your desktop, enjoying the nature of things. When you pet them, they chirp. There are 10 different species available, and each one chirps appropriately to its feathers. Adorable.”

Desk birds