EA Says Nintendo Wii Is Only As Powerful As The Original Xbox: Does Anyone Care Anymore?


The “in” thing to do seems to be ragging on the Nintendo Wii because it’s not as powerful as either the Xbox 360 or the PS3. (Sales numbers show that end-users really don’t care, though.) One of EA’s developers said that the Wii is only as powerful as the original Xbox.

It’s about as powerful as the original Xbox . The video hardware unfortunately is not as powerful…. Overall though it’s pretty much what the original Xbox was.

It’s clear that the developer wasn’t really harshing on the Wii here, but rather just making a well-informed observation. And yet, I’m sure the long knives will be out for him nonetheless.

Tim Schirner and Brad Porteous Q&A [Eurogamer via GameIndustry.biz]