Spartan DX: Come for the DNA Testing, Stay for the iPod Nano

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4.gifDNA testers have historically been clunky devices saddled with heavy instruction manuals and even heavier price tags. I had a girlfriend who used to run DNA tests things and it looked like she was making espresso with one of those eagle-topped coffee makers. So what would you say about a standalone device that looks like a VHS tape rewinder and costs $15K? If you’re a biochemist, you’d probably say “Sign me up!”

Otherwise, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a use for this. I’m going to figure out if this could improve forensics or even genealogy, which would be a great little potential social networking meme of the future (“ – Find and Rate Friends With the Same Alleles!”) But the best part? The very best part? You get a free iPod Nano with each purchase. Can you say super great?

Product Page [Spartan Bio via Engadget]

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