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qwest.jpgThese phones may not sport a pink ribbon, but Qwest said in August it will sell two limited edition, pink SANYO phones to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help fight breast cancer. Qwest and SANYO together will donate 10 percent of retail sales from the two handsets through October; a minimum of $50,000, and a maximum of $100,000. The SANYO handsets are the Katana II and the SCP-3200. The Katana II features a sleek, ultra-slim form factor, Bluetooth, built-in digital camera and a high-resolution 2.2-inch color display. The Katana was the number one handset for accessing the Web in Q1 2007 according to Bango. The SCP-3200 handset features a high-quality digital camera, Bluetooth, speakerphone, and push-to-talk functionality.

Qwest Communications

  • someone

    Another great post, Steve. Your writing is so much more effective for insomnia than Tylenol PM.

  • http://v.vezquex.com Vezquex

    I kind of get what you’re saying, although Macs don’t have much to with it. The game industry gets by just fine without writing for OS X, and so would any other software segment. But it’s definitely good karma to include as many platforms as possible.

    Regardless, I’m glad SMS will be on its deathbed.

  • http://www.adsense8.info/ Adsense

    good post.

  • scott

    Do you think Google will divest itself completely from Firefox? Gmail Labs could be developing Gears apps on Firefox/OS X today if they wanted to. I don’t see anything preventing solutions that use Sun, Adobe, and AWS tech from targeting Chrome+Gears. Are you really implying that GMail as a platform will undermine these?

    I doubt that Microsoft will be following Google to where it goes with Chrome+Gears. Jobs will not be letting Gears get near the iPhone’s WebKit browser, effectively siphoning off Apple’s App Store and iTunes revenue streams.

    My expectation is that while Microsoft and Apple are busy defending their respective fiefdoms, the real innovation will be happening on Chrome+Gears+Android+Linux on both phones and netbooks. Free software on cheap hardware will be hard to compete with in today’s economy. The MacBook Air crowd is suffocating. Android’s Open Markets will be serving the nouveau netbook crowd before Apple finds the resources to do the same for their notebooks and desktop devices.

    The reality is that Apple still has not delivered on support for iPhone notifications, let alone background processes. They are being stretched as thin as Jobs. Microsoft is not even trying to resort to FUD with Silverlight or Mesh. They are too busy attempting to erase the stain of Vista by way of Windows 7.

    Keep dreaming though.

  • http://blog/stealthmode.com francine hardaway

    While I would like you to be right, I have been using Chrome on my PC for about six weeks, and I don’t see its beauty the way you do. It’s okay, but seems just another browser, and I’ve got Firefox pretty well optimized.

    And I must say I agree with the writer about about support for background processes. I can’t even map my runs (well, walks) and take a phone call at the same time.

    • Steve Gillmor

      Never underestimate the power of the media, as you often do. Firefox will continue to be a gateway drug for Chrome; they are not competitors.

      • a person

        Great point, Steve. And by “great” I actually mean “horrible.”

  • Jack

    The release of Chrome for Mac is the most important story of 2009? Shouldn’t you let the year mature a bit…before making such an assessment?

    Or did you mean 2008? If so, I’m surprised that you are already backing down from the century-shattering applause of the coming B.O.


  • http://thewebpixies.wordpress.com/ WebPixie

    What am I missing? Are carrier-controlled services something we LIKE?

    Great video, btw!

  • http://www.laptops-battery.co.uk Vuri

    Good video. Chrome , IE, Firefox, safari, and anyone else?

  • GetOutOfTheValley

    its time to think bigger guys, who cares if they do , great so now I can do the same thing I did in 1999 with nicer icons 70ms faster.


    No not great, these are not LIFE CHANGERS, we need to get back to thinking about BIG FUCKING IDEAS THAT CHANGE HOW HUMANS THINK.

  • GetOutOfTheValley

    Problem is we are still trying to innovate something we have already made a commodity.

    What do you do with commodity you build new innovations that leverage them as a basic law, you don’t try to add slight modifications to the law hoping that it will make a difference.

    Because the masses don’t care and it won’t make a difference.

    Think BRAVELY.

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  • http://www.airset.com Brian Dougherty

    Interesting post, there is no question the browser is the new platform and Chrome holds a lot of promise. As a developer we LOVE the performance of Chrome’s javascript interpreter and that each tab is its own process, on the downside it does not have as good an architecture for plug-ins yet as Firefox (why didn’t they design it to just run FF plugins?), and it’s not as stable as Firefox yet. We’re providing a cloud computing solution for groups (http://www.airset.com) and we’ll continue to recommend Firefox to our users until Chrome matures.

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