Moto SCPL: Thinner Than the Hollandaise Sauce at a Vegan Potluck


We’ve heard of the SCLP from Motorola before. Word on the Web was that it was to be the thinnest and lightest Moto yet, while still offering next-gen features. That, though, is all we knew about it. Until today, when Boy Genius posted some seriously hawt spy pics of a prototype. It’s thin. Think Kate Moss Coke Binge thin.

The SCPL is to the SLVR what the KRZR is to the RAZR: a smaller, sexier version of a larger slim iconic phone. That’s an awkward sentence, but I think you get the drift.

The features BGR is reporting are great, too: EDGE and quad-band GSM, Moto’s JUIX Linux-based OS, and a tiny-but-hi-rez 320×240 full-color screen. The camera on the back is 2-Megapixel, but most likely has no flash.

It’s a mid-range phone for the fashion conscious. If you’re a fan of the SLVR, you’ll want to look at the SCPL when it hits T-Mobile or AT&T Wireless in the near future.

Motorola SCPL Revealed! [BGR]