YouTube To Test Copyright Screening Technology

YouTube is preparing to test new video identification technology that will identify copyrighted material as it is uploaded.

The test will be held in conjunction with Time Warner and the Walt Disney Company in about one months time.

According to Reuters, the “video fingerprinting tools” scan for unique attributes in video clips that identify them as being copyrighted material. Media companies are then notified of the infringing material and are given the choice between having the video removed or keep it up as part of a revenue-sharing deal with YouTube.

The new video identification technology has been developed in response to repeated criticism alleging that the Google owner video hosting leader provides a safe haven for copyrighted material. That and over the over $1billion claimed in multiple law suits from various copyright holders.

The move by YouTube to implement its own copyright screening platform comes despite reports in February that YouTube had abandoned development plans and were set to exclusively use the Audible Magic platform.

It’s an understandable move by YouTube, but as Michael Arrington wrote in April, there are plenty of other choices for those seeking to view copyrighted material. New technologies may keep law suits at bay but ultimately viewers simply find the material they are looking for elsewhere.