Toshiba Cuts Sales Expectations of HD DVD Players In Half; Sony Says Blu-ray Doing Swell


Toshiba just slashed sales expectations of HD DVD players by nearly 50 percent in response to slower-than-anticipated sales in the U.S. The slow sales of the company’s HD DVD players in the U.S. will negatively affect the global position of the high-definition format, the company said.

Toshiba now expects to sell 1 million players, down from the 1.8 million that it initially expected.

And how is Blu-ray doing?

Blu-ray, the other white meat, is doing damn well, according to Sony. (Then again, Baghdad was A-OK according to Baghdad Bob, so…) Shipments of its Blu-ray players have increased by six times. Cutting its price probably helps a little bit. Most chalk that up to Blu-ray being the format with the most popcorn-friendly movies as exclusives.

Format wars are so much fun, no?

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