Samsung Shipping 1TB HDD

The Samsung we’ve all grown to love is making a strong push to put a foothold into the HDD market with a 1TB drive that is far more superior then anything else available. Poppycock, you say? Not at all. The SpinPoint F1 is the first to use three platters as opposed to the four platters that Hitachi and Seagate use in their 1TB drives.

Three 334GB platters are driven by 7,200RPM motors with 16MB or 32MB cache. Proprietary technologies from Samsung boost performance and lower the clatter we love to hate. Read seek time is said to be 8.9ms while average latency is only 4.17ms. The SpinPoint F1 dynasty will also include 320GB, 500GB and 750GB models. Retail price is unclear, but they are shipping now.

Samsung Quietly Ships 1TB Hard Disk Drive [X-bit Labs]