Rifftrax Acquires Cuts

cutslogo.jpgAbout four months since launch, web video editor Cuts.com has been acquired by Rifftrax, a site featuring DVD commentary by Michael J. Nelson of MST3K. No word on the price.

The online video editing space has become increasingly competitive. Click.tv recently joined the deadpool, with plans to reorganize.

On their blog post about the acquisition, CEO Evan Kraus says that since launch Rifftrax “has all but taken over our site”. The acquisition may play into the long term plans for full length movie remixing Kraus has alluded to before. Cuts differs from other movie editing projects that angered Hollywood by not changing the underlying movie, instead Cuts stores meta data that directs how to play through the movie and overlay effects. Post acquisition, Rifftrax will run Cuts.com, with plans to add features and the ability to remix Nelson’s commentary.