InfoSpace Unloads Moviso

infospace.jpgInfoSpace has announced that it has sold off its InfoSpace Media Studios (formerly Moviso) to mobile content tech firm FunMobility, reports mocoNews. This isn’t exactly the first sale for the guys at Moviso. The company, which was among the very first mobile content providers, was launched in 1999 and then sold to Vivendi Universal before being bought by InfoSpace in 2003.

Under this deal, FunMobility will also license InfoSpace’s Mobile Data Services platform, which delivers mobile storefront capabilities. It also means that InfoSpace will likely be closing shop in Los Angeles, as these were part of the business that was formed after it acquired Moviso from Vivendi.

In addition, Verizon Wireless has extended its relationship with InfoSpace, and the platform provider will now power the telco carrier’s Mobile Web 2.0SM service, giving customers easy access to news, tools and information.

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