Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inks Deal with MobiTV

sonybmg.jpgMobile and broadband network provider MobiTV has signed a deal with Sony BMG that would make more than 2,500 music videos available to the MobiTV service. These videos will be put into immediate rotation on the various existing, branded music channels, which will now contain a library of more than 7,000 music videos in total on the mobile service.

The two companies will also collaborate on the creation of a new range of channels that will feature original programming, which will range from long-form concerts to artist-driven shows. Some of this content may be available for an additional fees, and much of this programming will be the creation of the various Sony BMG artists.

The first of these will be a new series created by from RCA Records artist Avril Lavigne. This mobile site, which will be called Avirl TV, is being designed to provide access to all things related to the Canadian pop star, including her entire library of videos, and even a made-for-mobile version of Avril’s Make 5 Wishes comic book.

Avril TV