Sony and Nintendo React to Layoff Numbers

Last week we reported that both Sony Computer Entertainment America and Nintendo of America were saying GAME OVER to a few employees. In the case of Sony the staff reductions are part of a global restructuring, and over at Nintendo it seemed that a portion of the staff wasn’t so interested in being relocated from their Seattle digs.

Today we’re hearing word that the numbers were a bit “off base.” Instead of 80 to 100 employees being laid off at SCEA only a mere 50 or so individuals will have to worry about how they’ll pay their rent, buy food and come up with $600 for a PS3. And as for Nintendo, President Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that last week’s number of 90% of the company’s sales and marketing team departing is also way high. Only 60% of the total workforce in that department is leaving. Fils-Aime did not comment on the whether that 60% does in fact include key executives George Harrison, Perrin Kaplan and Beth Llewelyn.

Additionally, in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News he also said about 55 of those jobs will move to a new office in Silicon Valley, while another 25 jobs will be moved to New York City, and both moves will take place in September.

[Via GameDaily]