Opie & Anthony Return To XM Friday; XM Waives Reactivation Fee


Radio bad boys Opie & Anthony will return to the XM Satellite Radio airwaves this Friday, June 15, at 6 a.m. XM suspended the duo last month after all of the hullabaloo generated after they aired a homeless man’s offensive ramblings. Now, if you recall, a large number of the radio show’s fans protested XM’s decision by, among other things, canceling their XM service, destroying their XM units and crying censorship. The fact is, the fans pay for the adult humor and content of the show, not to mention that their channel can be blocked quite easily; it’s not like this went over the public airwaves or anything.

Oh, and if you canceled the service, XM says it’ll waive the $14.95 reactivation fee. Is this an olive branch to the fans?

It’s interesting to note that, judging from some of the fan boards, many of the show’s fans have now taken up another fight: preventing the XM-Sirius merger from happening. (One of the many bandied-about theories for the show’s suspension centers on the need for regulatory approval for the proposed merger.) How far this crusade goes, we’ll see.

Now let’s all get back to a steady diet of “frrrrrunkis” and making fun of E-Rock’s weight.

Opie & Anthony Return [XM Satellite Radio]

Pic stolen from Wackbag (nsfwwww)