Mobile Game Audio Needs Some Faith

While mobile gaming is getting better despite the small size of the third screen, and even control issues are adapting, one thing is still missing, namely the audio. Mobile gaming sounds like something straight out of the days of the Atari 2600. Turns out all you need is some Faith, or more accurately Faith West.

This month the mobile content technology developer will introduce the first real improvement in audio quality with their new product, mXMFTool, which leverages the flexibility of open standards. While it can be used for games, this tool will also work with other audio applications for mobile devices including ringtones. Faith West is bundling a library of 125 royalty-free mobile game audio sound effects to help developers get started.

“Increasingly, we’ve found that customers want to include more and more sophisticated audio in their applications,” says Haruko Kurata, Director of Faith West, “and mXMFTool allows developers to make highly creative use of their limited resources. Right now, Mobile XMF is doing for audio what 3G is doing for data. Sound designers can generate as realistic a level of sound as MP3, while keeping file sizes small and as easy to manipulate as MIDI.”

The mXMFTool is also optimized for use with the Qualcomm CMX multimedia engine software, and this is currently installed on more than 250 million handsets worldwide. Developers can even preview their content using a CMX emulator. OK developers, what are you waiting for? How about some better mobile gaming sound effects already!

Faith West