Apple WWDC 2007 Liveblog

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Matt is in place and ready to rock and roll.

9:53: Hey Sportsfans. I’m here at Moscone Center in lovely and chilly San Francisco. Things are about to get started. Right now, there’s some Dave Matthews playing. You’d think the man who spearheaded the digital music revolution would have better taste.

9:58: 2 minute warning. Someone asked us to turn off our cellphones. like, yah. sure pal. I’m a JOURNALIST.

9:59: They’re cranking the Green Day. Still a blank stage with a couple macbooks.

9:02: nothing yet. I note it’s almost hard to see over the tops of the heads of the podcasters. They’re all in front of teh real media. Whatever. Jerks.

9:03: lights out, here we go

Johh Hodgman is on screen as steve jobs

hodgman’s digging on the zune

saying he (as jobs) is closing down apple, cuz vista is so awesome

justin long showed up and told him to shut up. duh.

10:05: Jobs is talking about intel and how last year it was the big deal

and saying that the transition was better than could have been expected

950,000 ADC members – up 200,000 from last year

EA is coming back to Mac as a gaming company

Battlefield 2142 comes to mac

mountain and valley racing with carbon body cars – Need for Speed Carbon

harry potter & the order of the phoenix comes to mac

I think the EA CEO is kinda drunk

the harry potter game looks dope. the crowd likes it. 2 minute demo of game. EA sports coming to the Mac in August

all PC games from then on will be simultaneously released with Mac versions

all the EA games, sports and otherwise

available in all apple stores come august

Next up, id software

CEO John Cormack of id – is going to introduce something “neet” he’s been working on – next gen tech with next gen game

New game, MadMax/waterworld like post apocolyptic

with truly random terrain mapping – no repeating tiles. looks fantastic


it’s cool technology, works great in OSX
makes the mac a “really fantastic gaming platform, as it should have been”
they just finished up 10 days ago

10:16: now we’re talking about leopard

10:17: 22 million tiger users. he’s REALLY excited about leopard. final look at leopard. leopard is going to set an even higher bar

new leopard feature 1 – new desktop!

new 3D dock

new menu bar – transparent

stacks: new desktop cleanup tool

Consistent windows through applications

new downloads folder for email, browsers, IM, everything

AND it’s synced with stacks

10:22: holy cow, the new dock is AWESOME – it reflects what’s above it. it fans out when you click on it. he’s showing movies out of stacks – and has a grid view – stacks is sort of a smart folders, but really smart. self-organizes

10:23: he’s showing off core animation aspects, which we’ll come back to – oh no! No more brushed metal!

new download tools in safari

goes right to stacks

new finder app – shared computers are easier to browse

new finder has coverflow

Above – the new interface with stacks.

new .mac syncing via internet

“Back to my Mac” – share even when not on the same local network

coverflow shows previews of docs

10:29: you can even browse through multiple pages and preview video

you can use coverflow to browse all macs on your network

10:33: Next up…

WoW just crashed. Oh well. He doesn’t have time to play anyway.

new feature: quicklook – quicklook lets you preview documents without opening the app

images, word files, pdfs – new viewer app like preview – it’s on the OS level

even full screen video shows up – very fast

10:36 – #4 big thing – leopard is 64 bit top to bottom, all the way through cocoa

10:38 – new features so far: New Desktop, New Finder, Quick Look, 64-bit Leo – Leopard is the first “mainstream” OS to go fully 64-bit

one version of leo for 64 and 32 bit apps – we’re zooming in on a million pixel image now

“Almost” every shipped Mac is 64-bit capable – shows how a 32-bit app bites it – 64-bit app uploads picture in 28.48 secs while 32-bit app is done in 81 seconds

Back to core animation: layers, GPU accelleration is automatic – oh man, it’s amazing: a wall of videos all playing at once – preview multiple videos at one time

coverflow through them in real time

10:44 – Next up: Boot camp – boot camp now built in

3 great ways to run windows on a mac
1) boot camp, totally compatible
2) parallels
and VM ware – 3 ways to run “occasional” windows apps

# 7 – something new called spaces

group applications into seperate spaces, and switch back and forth. blah blah.

showing off different ways to organize – spaces is cool. game running in one space – audio only comes on when space is active. nothing outstandingly new here though

10:47: #8 dashboard update – new widgets

new apple widget taht ships in leopard that lets you check and buy movie tix through Fandango

the new movie widget syncs up with quicktime movie trailers and shows trailers via the widget

WebClips – he goes to yahoo – likes the main Yahoo page. Grabs it. auto-finds parts of websites, probably via RSS, and right clicks to “make widget” he’s on rotten tomatoes. shows movie ratings – highlights it, goes to “make widget” – soit pulls the data from any website and puts it into a widget. neat

10:54 – #9 new ichat with better video conferenceing

photobooth effects in ichat – ichat theater and backdrops – these are FEATURES? gah!

Steve calls Phil – ichat theatre lets you share photos. allows you to share docs and pics in real time

10:58 – I’ve been asked not to stand up anymore, lest I should be asked to leave

10:58 – iChat – new animated backgrounds – it takes out the background, adds in a movie – fishtank, waterfall

11:01 – New thing #10 – Time Machine – time machine features auto, oneclick backup

backup to to local hdd, network, wirelessly – plug a my-book drive into an airport extreme, sync all your macs at the same time via airport

ooh, he’s opening the finder and can’t find an Important Presentation – time machine interface is dope

11:05 – i’m on my second battery now!!!

we’re getting copies of leopard today. word.

basic leopard: $129 for the rest of you all

enterprise version: $129

Ultimate version: $129

11:07 – Crowd is going nuts

but one more thing! safari – safari’s marketshare is at 5%

IE @ 78%
firefox @ 15%


safari 3 now runs on XP and Vista

fastest browser on a PC – 2x faster than IE

fastest javascript rendering x3

steve boots into windows for the demo – says, “huh. this is odd. ok, start menu…” – showing off safari and it’s … safari

half a million downloads of firefox a day

safari 3 to be built-in to the new downloads of itunes – ummm? bundleware? feh!

safari 3 for windows and tiger, beta out later today, free download

One last thing… iPhone

11:15 – iphone ships 6pm June 29

3rd party apps package for iphone for developers – sweet solution for programmers

it’s based on safari for iphone – full safari engine – built in AJAX and web 2.0 – iphone image on screen has only 11 icons, btw

no SDK needed – sandboxed on iphone – just code the ajax/web 2.0/whatever

and add the iphone code for phone numbers, etc. – new iphone app showing how they made it – 3rd party apps will run IN SAFARI – not under the OS

Now we know why the Windows Safari – it’s all about Write-Once-Run-Anywhere – Cool? Hot? Hrmm…

they made an ldap lookup program for the apple orporate directory

safari integrates with the iphone’s hardware – add a “dial” tag or wahtever to someone’s number in your database – when tapped, it dials, etc. – works with google maps

ah, you can use multitouch in your safari apps, too

it’s web 2.0 in the palm of your hand

making a big push to make safari a platform

11:25 – to recap: leopard, safari for windows, apps for iphone

that’s it, we’re done – my battery is about dead. Questions? Yeah, Steve. Can you make MacBook batteries last longer?

we’re all gettging iphones today to take home!!!!

Just kidding

All done! Thanks, everyone!