Sub-$100 Nvidia GeForce 8400 to Launch June 19

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000000043042.jpgWhen it comes to discrete graphics cards it’s either feast or famine. You either spend five million on a super-duper card or your poke along in Civ IV with whatever Dell sent you when you bought your PC, knowing that you’ll never see the Legion’s armor in its full DX10 graphical glory.

NVidia is introducting a sub-$100 GeForce 8400 next week that should change all that. The card will have up to 256MB of on-board memory and a reduced graphics channel. Think of it as DirectX 10 on the cheap. The cards should sell for about $79 and won’t have HDMI. A nice way to upgrade your dumb cousin’s PC on the cheap, right?

Sub-$100 Nvidia GeForce 8400 to Launch June 19 [Extremetech]

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