Roll Your Own Social Network With Crowdvine

crowdvinelogo.pngCrowdvine is a hosted free white label social network application created by Tony Stubblebine.

Setting your own network is dead simple. You just need to pick a name, pick some profile questions, and then send out invites with a personalized message. You network is hosted at Profiles consist of a photo, location, personal link, description, blog posts, and the questions the creator of the network chooses. Members can also incorporate RSS feeds from another blog, photo stream, or social bookmarking site. See the Foo Camp social network for an example.

The networks are either open to everyone, open but moderated, or private to the creator’s friends. The design of the site is customizable by main colors and adding code to the header.

Social interaction is basic right now. Members can invite friends, make friends, message each other, and comment on each others pages. By contrast, Ning is more mature, enabling plugins to the network and a more polished finish.