Qualcomm Eyeing Amp'd, I Don't Think So

This is simply an “interesting idea” from In-Stat analyst, Allen Nogee, and what he thinks will happen to bankrupt Amp’d. He believes Amp’d’s daddy, Qualcomm, will save the MVNO and use it as a test bed for new services. Not a bad idea, right?

Sure, Qualcomm offers MediaFlo, which is cool, but it’s already offered on Verizon. Are we getting the picture, yet? There’s a reason why Amp’d has a supposed 200k following and they sure as heck aren’t going to jump ship for Verizon and vice versa. Use Amp’d all you want for testing, Qualcomm, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Amp’d won’t usurp any Verizon customers and where does that leave Amp’d if the same service is offered on both networks? Dying and racking up more debt.

Could Qualcomm Scoop Up Amp’d? [Business Week]