Dell Leaves LCD TV Business, World Weeps a Great Weep


Raise your hand if you own a Dell LCD TV. Now, how many hands are in the air? One? Two? Ten? An exaggeration to be sure, but it’s one reason why Dell is pulling out of the LCD TV business and focusing on what brought it to the dance: halfway decent computers sold for Wal-Mart-like low prices. While Dell never actually produced any of the LCD TVs in question itself (it simply slapped its logo on third-party TVs and resold them), Michael Dell reportedly feels that the company needs to get back to basics and revive its not-so-hot brand. In other words, the LCD TVs proved to be too much of a waste of resources. So they’re gone, finito, dust in the wind.

What’s more interesting is to see what Dell does now to inject some life into its PCs. There was that LED backlit laptop that leaked the other day, which is a step in the right direction. Now what else does Mr. Dell have up his sleeve to right his off course ship?

Dell to exit LCD television business: media [Reuters]