JobVent Takes Dirt Dishing To a Broader Audience

jobvent.jpgDishing dirt is in. We’ve previously covered The Funded and, sites that facilitate reviews for and against companies. JobVent takes the same concept to a broader level.

Where as The Funded and are fairly selective and limited in use, Jobvent by comparison is the wild west. is a free resource for job seekers and current employees who either want to research a company or leave anonymous feedback about their experiences working at a company.

For a fairly new site the coverage is already surprisingly thorough. The top companies already have in excess of 500 reviews each and there is 10,000+ reviews all up covering 2,000 different companies, with numbers growing daily.

The layout and look screams 1996, but aesthetics aside it delivers dirt quickly and practically. Company reviews are submitted along with ratings that are used to calculate a rank for each company submitted.

Lawyers will salivate over JobVent, it’s a virtual ambulance waiting to be chased. The use of anonymous comments provides honest and raw feedback, so honest and raw it has defamation suit written all over it. If you’ve ever wanted to get even with a former or existing employer JobVent is ideal.