Global Mobile Advertising to Reach $14.4 billion by 2011

strategyanalytics.jpgAdvertisers are going to spend a lot of money mobile media this year, but it pales to the amount of cash they’ll be spending in just a few years. According to a new Strategy Analytics report, “Global Mobile Advertising Update: Outlook Bright as Inventory Expands,” advertisers may spend $1.4 billion on mobile media this year, and the firm predicts that mobile media advertising could account for a fifth of global spending on Internet advertising by 2011, to the tune of $14.4 billion.

“The outlook for mobile advertising spend has significantly advanced in the past 12 months,” says Phil Taylor, director of Global Wireless Practice. “The supply of advertising inventory is rapidly increasing as mobile publishers look to develop advertising as a revenue stream. Major mobile network operators like SprintNextel, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone have all accelerated plans to sell advertising within their mobile media channels and advertisers appear to be responding positively.”

Strategy Analytics