New Service To Create One Of Those Picture-A-Day Movies

Last August Noah Kalina posted a video on YouTube (embedded above): it features nothing more than daily photos of himself over 6 years, set to music. The video has been viewed over 6 million times, inspiring many spoofs and similar postings. The amount of work that went into the video is staggering. Taking the photos, organizing them and then editing them into a movie would have taken hundreds of hours in aggregate.

FlickaDay is a new Boston-based startup that makes this whole process much easier. Use the site to take a photo of yourself every day using a connected webcam or camera. Flickaday will organize the photos and will let you publish it as a Flash widget on another website.

FlickaDay uses Flash to hook up to your web cam. Each day you can sign in and snap a photo through your web cam and write your mood. You can only snap one photo a day, which is stored to your account. You can then show off these photos on your FlickaDay widget, which lists your most recent photo and mood. Viewers can also look through archived photos using a calendar or play through the whole set to a song you uploaded. You can adjust the frame rate, but the default is a comfortable 8 frames a second.

The service is dead simple easy to use. They even offer to remind you daily by email to come and take your picture. Emo kids and narcissistic bloggers will love this. Example to the right.