Acer Adds Dolby Home Theater To Aspire Laptops

dolby.jpgLaptop speakers generally need all the sound-quality help they can get. Thankfully Dolby Laboratories is lending some audio technologies to Acer’s Aspire notebooks, which will now feature the Dolby Home Theater suite offering “advanced home theater audio features and premium surround sound experiences.”

Acer Aspire notebooks featuring Dolby Home Theater will be available worldwide and will support all of the technologies in the suite. This includes Dolby Digital for 5.1-discrete channels of digital surround sound, Dolby Digital Live, which converts any audio signal from the PC into Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II for simulated surround sound experience from any stereo audio source, Dolby Headphone, which does 5.1 for headphones and last, but probably most important, Dolby Virtual Speaker, which delivers a surround-sound experience from a 5.1-channel soundtrack to stereo speakers.

Not huge news, but kinda exciting. The last Acer Aspire I tested had some weak speakers and they could’ve used any bit of help to make them sound beefier.