Yes, But What Does That Have to Do With The iPhone?

I had lunch with journalist Steve Gillmor yesterday. I wanted his input on the Google/Salesforce story I was working on and so we met at our favorite hangout near San Francisco airport. But he jokingly answered all of my questions with “Yes, but what does that have to do with the iPhone?” His point was that the iPhone will change everything this year, and it was all he wanted to talk about. In particular, it changes how we will think of the integration between a computer and a device.

As of June 29, the launch date for the iPhone, the two devices will really be a single integrated computing device – you just take part of it with you when you leave home. If you can watch the new iPhone television ads that were published today and still not believe that, then I’d like to hear why.

The real hype around the iPhone hasn’t even started yet. And I can’t wait to get one of these things in my hand. I expect light posting here on June 29, as I and the rest of the team will most likely be standing in a very long line waiting to get one of these very expensive little gadgets.