Thomson EH308 DAP: Shiny, Tiny, Bo-biny


Thomson’s a fairly small player in the DAP world (and who isn’t compared to Apple and Microsoft?), but its shiny new EH308 could draw some eyeballs if it plays its cards right. It’s a tiny little guy with a 1.8-inch OLED display. Despite its diminutive size, and owing much to that OLED display, battery life is comparable to some of the bigger guys at around 15 hours. The 8GB hard drive puts it in direct competition with the biggest nano—that is, unless Apple decides to surprise us and doesn’t launch new iPods at the WWDC next week.

The EH308 plays all the normal file types: MP3, WMA, JPG, WMV and MP4. If nothing else, at least it doesn’t look like ass.

Product Page [Thomson via]