WhosOff: Easy Workplace Leave Management

whosoff.pngWhosOff is an online workplace leave management service that makes organizing time off easy.

The service is directed at administrators, company owners and managers who deal directly with managing time off, from keeping a record of leave taken to balancing the demands of future leave requests.

WhosOff is not simply an administrator controlled database where information is gathered. WhosOff supports full employee access; employees can submit requests for leave or even log sick days. Appointed administrators can then accept or decline requests no matter where they are; being a web based platform decentralizes user access.

WhosOff encourages staff to be more considerate in booking and planning their holidays by encouraging them to book in advance. Last minute requests are minimized by sharing cross business or departmental leave information so all employees can see the impact of any holiday request.

Providing a leave management package as a standalone product may seem a little strange. Many large businesses would already have similar functionality built into professional human resources software and wouldn’t need something like this, however for SMEs WhosOff is a smart, free way to manage staff time off.