Cell Phone Submitted Classified Listings: iqzone

iqzone.pngScottsdale, Arizona based iqzone has a solution for those seeking to sell items on the go: cell phone submitted classified listings.

Iqzone’s “Snap Send Sell” feature allows users to take a photo or video clip of any product or service, text a description and send as a Multimedia (MMS) message to iqzone. Iqzone then categorizes and adds the listing on iqzone.com as well as 3rd party services including Edgeio. Buyers can connect with sellers in real-time by setting mobile or RSS alerts for items they are interested in. They can also share ads with their Facebook Friends and search iqzone using their mobile phone or the web.

The company says that the product is the future of classified advertising. It’s certainly a different application and fits well into the “what will they think of next” category. Whilst the one-to-many distribution of classified listings has some appeal, I can’t help but think that it’s a solution looking for a problem. Others may think differently.