iTunes 7.2 Out Now

The start of a DRM-free music revolution has arrived. Well, maybe not a revolution, but at least a new version of iTunes. Version 7.2 brings a new feature called “iTunes Plus” to the table. Purchasing a song with iTunes Plus enabled allows you to purchase DRM-free, 256Kbps AAC tracks from the iTMS. You can set it on or off in your iTunes preferences.

Excited? Ease up, Tiger. iTunes Plus tracks aren’t yet available for purchase. I’d say expect to see them hitting iTMS in the next two weeks, as Apple is really going to be pushing this update. Oh, and if you want to upgrade your regular iTunes songs to iTunes Plus, an upgrade option is available.

Apple releases iTunes 7.2, with iTunes Plus DRM-free music [iLounge]

Update: iTunes Plus tracks are appearing and are now available for purchase.